Boutique apart-hotel in the center of Athens

Special prices with direct reservation


Self check-in, unless otherwise arranged. We’ll send you detailed instructions by email before your arrival.

Check-in: From 2:00 PM. Self check-in is available any time after 2:00 PM. Personal check-in is available upon request, until 10:00 PM (appointment necessary).

Check-out: Any time, until 11:00 AM. Personal check-out is available upon request, from 8:00-11:00 AM

Luggage storage is possible close to the accommodation with prior arrangement only.

Please note, that we do NOT operate reception. All personal check-ins and check-outs are made by previous arrangement and by appointments only.


The final cleaning fee is included in the total cost of the reservation. If you stay longer than a week, weekly cleaning may be available upon request (no fee).

Additional cleaning is available upon request for a fee (incl. fresh towels and linen). Please contact us for details and arrangement.


All apartments are NON SMOKING!

No pets please!

All apartments are located in small residential community. Please respect the neighbors and others live in the building and in the area by being quiet, clean and nice. 🙂

No parties, no groups please!

Quiet hours from 10:00 PM.


Free TV and high speed WiFi Internet access is provided.


We use secure keys only.


Street (self) parking may be available for free of charge (On Mondays, there is a street market. Please ask for parking location to avoid fines).


Cash payment: Euro, USD.


For best rates email us ( or call +30-694-630-3962 or +30-211-115-1331